Chippa United Executive Chairman, Siviwe ‘Chippa’ Mpengesi has revealed the Club will no longer pursue the Joseph Molangoane case, wishing the player all the best at his new Club, Kaizer Chiefs.

Molangoane took the Club to DRC at the end of last season, arguing that he had not signed a contract with the Port Elizabeth based side and was a free agent.

Mpengesi seeking closure on the matter, has now spoken at length about the case which dragged on for almost 6 months.

“Molangoane signed a two-year contract with Chippa United towards the end of last season.

“We were surprised that the player took us to DRC claiming not to have a contract with us. However twice he failed to convince the PSL that the signature on the document was not his. The matter went on, and on the third sitting could not sit on technicality where the player won the case.

Malongoane made his debut for Kaizer Chiefs against Chippa United last weekend and Mpengesi has revealed as to what happened.

“We have now taken a decision as Chippa United not to pursue the matter after hinting on our intention to appeal but allow the player to continue with his career at his chosen Club.

“We have over the years enjoyed a professional relationship with Kaizer Chiefs and based on this we do not feel the three parties (Chippa United, Kaizer Chiefs and Joseph Malongoane) including the League will benefit if we proceed with the matter.

“I would like to take this opportunity to wish Mr Malongoane all the best at Kaizer Chiefs. We thank him for the contribution he has made at Chippa United Football Club,” added Mpengesi.