Following the League match between Chippa United FC and Kazer Chiefs FC held on 9 May 2015, after which Kaizer Chiefs had their trophy handover ceremony as League Champions of the season, Chippa United FC were charged by the PSL as a result of a pitch invasion where a spectator unfortunately lost his life.

The charge reads as follows: “In a match between CHIPPA UNITED FC and KAIZER CHIEFS FC played on 9 May 2015(PSL#239) played at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium you committed an act of misconduct in that in that in contravention of Rules 53.2 and 53.2.1 read with Rule 53.2.5 rule, you failed, as the home club on whom rested the onus to provide security to provide adequate security resulting in a pitch invasion by spectators after the final whistle.”

After a PSL Disciplinary Committee hearing Chippa United were found guilty and an order was made as follows:

  1. Chippa United are fined R250,000.00;
  2. R200,000.00 is suspended on condition that Chippa United are not found guilty of a similar offence, with R50,000.00 payable within 7 days from 3 November 2016;
  3. That Chippa United issue a written apology to be published on its website and;
  4. That a copy of the transcript of the hearing be put to the Executive Committee of the PSL.

Chippa United abides by the finding of the PSL Disciplinary Committee and hereby tenders an unreserved apology to the League and the public as a whole for its role as per the findings of the Disciplinary Committee.